Hospital Management Solutions

Transforming Healthcare through Innovative and integrated Hospital Management 360 Solutions.


Hospital Maintenance​ Services

The company has been providing medical maintenance services to hospitals since its establishment.

Hospitals Equipment & Supplies​

Sustainable supplies of Medical Equipment and supplies for healthcare facilities by our companies and partners.

"Pioneers of commercial, industrial and service activity in the medical field "

Serving The Kingdom’s Medical Sector Since 1975

Our Group of companies integrate together to provide our clients the utmost peace of
mind in running smooth operations in the medical and healthcare sectors backed up by
sustainable supply chain from provisioning, maintenance and upgrades.

Inspired By Visionary Leadership

As the chairman of our medical services company, I am proud to lead a team that works tirelessly to provide hospitals with top quality pharmaceutical and medical equipment solutions. We understand the critical role that these products play in patient care, and we are committed to delivering the highest standard of service and reliability.

Saudi vision 2030

Our Group Of Companies


Al-Arfaj Medical

360° Healthcare facility management solutions, from staffing, operations to the entire supply chain control.


Manufacturing & supplying of Microbiological and IVD's products including Prepared Culture Media, molecular kits, medical devices and medical consumables


Manufacturing human pharmaceutical products (intravenous injection).
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Connecting Medical Providers And Suppliers From All Segments Of The Healthcare Industry

Our Valued Success Partners

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ISO Certified
Quality & Systems

International Quality Certification in processes and outcomes

50 Years
Serving the Kingdom

Proven experience and track record of success and steady growth

Proven Success
With Partners

Our partners are our reputation, 100% satisfaction achieved and maintained

Supply Chain

Our production plants and partners provide us with smoothly and reliably.