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The Best Gateway to Premium Medical Solutions and Modern Equipment for Superior Healthcare. Consistent And Dependable Provision of Pharmaceuticals, Catering to The Varied Hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

Your Reliable Partner for Top-Quality Hospital Equipment & Supplies in Saudi Arabia

Al-Arfaj Medical Services is your most reliable partner for the latest Hospital Equipment & Supplies in Saudi Arabia. We specialize in delivering top-quality medical equipment and supplies tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities, ensuring superior patient care and operational efficiency.

Boost Healthcare Standard by Partner with Al Arfaj for Premium Hospital Equipment & Supplies

We pride ourselves for bringing the elite standard in the medical equipment and hospital provisions from our international partners and globally renowned manufacturing brands in every specialty.
We continue to support our clients with ample spare-parts and technicians who keep your equipment always at their optimum performance and update when necessary.

We follow Award Winning Process

1. Situation Engineering
2. Selection and Classification
3. Sales and Bid
4. Maintenance and Education
Technology Engineer
1. Situation Engineering
Our Whole range of services is designed to optimize your operations and enhance the overall performance of your medical facility. Our expert team specializes in conducting thorough assessments for the best employment of your budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
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2. Selection and Classification
In a dynamic healthcare market, selecting the right equipment and supplies requires a strategic approach that balances market trends, budget constraints, and your facility's unique needs. At Al-Arfaj Saudi Medical Services, we guide you through this process with our expert selection.
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3. Sales and Bid
We believe in delivering exceptional value and promoting sustainability throughout the entire procurement process. Our full sales and bid services are designed to ensure you acquire the best equipment and supplies at competitive prices, while also supporting environmental responsibility.
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4. Maintenance and Education
Our commitment to your healthcare facility goes beyond the initial setup – we offer Maintenance and Education services that guarantee the continual standardized performance of your medical equipment. With a focus on regular maintenance and troubleshooting, we ensure the longevity and optimal functionality of your machines.

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Medical Equipment Sales

At Al Arfaj, we offer a curated selection of innovative medical equipment, carefully chosen to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are establishing a new healthcare facility.

Medical Devices Sales

Explore our specialized service “Medical Devices Sales” designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare. Whether you are looking to enhance patient care, streamline operations.


Sourced from reputable manufacturers and adhering to stringent quality standards, our pharmaceutical offerings cover a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas. Whether you are a healthcare facility or a pharmacy.

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Medical Devices Sales

Explore our specialized service “Medical Devices Sales” designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare. Whether you are looking to enhance patient care, streamline operations, or stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

Sanitary Products

We give top priority to hygiene and safety with our specialized service “Sanitary Products.” Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality sanitary items tailored to KSA.


Discover our dedicated service includes disposable medical products designed to elevate hygiene and safety standards in healthcare settings across Saudi Arabia.

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