About Us

Over 40 Years Of Excellence In the Saudi Medical Services Sector

Arfaj Medical Services Co. is a closed joint stock company, founded in 1980 and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company has posted many major achievements, consolidating its leadership position in the Saudi market, based on an ambitious strategic vision, through which it seeks to provide a wide range of quality solutions and services to the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and excellence.

Our Quality Grew Scaled our Business, Widened our Scope andBuilt trust...

This contributed to a significant increase in its customer base, credits to the diversification of its scope of work to include other sectors that integrate with its main activity, such as the trade of medical equipment and supplies, and maintenance of medical devices, such as contracting. The wide scope of activities includes contracting, operation and maintenance of medical projects in a way that contributed to the expansion of its portfolio of major investment projects, raising its classifications as a contractor in most of its various professional fields of work.

Dr. Ibrahem Al-Arfaj

Founder & Chairman – Al Arfaj Medical


Our Values, Our Success Pillars

Reliability & Trust

To be trusted by our clients and community, asserting our responsibility towards our nation and fellow citizens.

Medical Excellence

To Provide a special set of globally recognized medical solutions and high-quality equipment and supplies.

Leverage Technology

Utilize the latest technology and knowledge to meet our clients needs and advance our services applications.

Expert Teams

Our most valuable asset are the hand-picked and thoroughly developed human resources that set us apart with their work.

Medical Sector's Leaders

Our Vision

Developing innovative medical solutions and medical technologies in accordance with international standards according to market requirements in the Kingdom.

Our Mission

Provide innovative solutions, technologies, devices and medical supplies to serve the medical sector In the Kingdom and Establish a dedicated system to communicate with customers throughout its system and in all regions The kingdom.

Our Message

• That the company be highly credible with customers and all segments of the medical community Non-medical.
• To provide its services in the industry, operation and maintenance of medical devices and supplies in accordance with To approved international standards.

Achivements & Awards

We are certified by the Saudi Government to provide our services and products, and we have acquired ISO certification in various aspects.

Best Consulting Service
Best Consulting Service
Best Consulting Service
Best Consulting Service

We Prepare An Effective Business Strategy For Companies


Selling and distributing medical supplies, medical equipment and devices

New Scope
Complete Hospital Management and supervision and administration Training center in the medicine field (Institute)
Manufacturing of medical reagents and swabs in Gulf Factory and Roaya Factory
Full Length Public Company
Acquired: SMSCO, SAMCO & Seha Call. Hospital Management System Supply Chain and logistics support Development of the Capital Funds

Meet Our Group's Ventures

Providing integrated medical solutions through specialized companies, each in its respective craft.


Manufacturing & supplying of Microbiological and IVD's products including Prepared Culture Media, molecular kits, medical devices and medical consumables


Manufacturing human pharmaceutical products (intravenous injection).



Connecting Medical Providers And Suppliers From All Segments Of The Healthcare Industry.